Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is a grant provided to all maintained schools by the government, to help to eliminate the gap in achievement between all pupils and pupils who are seen to come from a disadvantaged background. This may be because of low income; children in local authority care, or previously so; or children of parents serving in the armed forces.

Some of the children identified as such in our school are doing well and progressing appropriately.  Some have special educational needs, which we resource additionally in the form of learning materials, teaching assistant time and staff training. Others are behind in their learning and benefit from the Pupil Premium funding to help them catch up.

Main barriers
All of our children are different, so it is difficult to say which are the main barriers to the funded children catching up.  Analysis of our data shows that the group as a whole require more catch-up in Writing than any other area, and interventions in Reading and Writing outnumber those in Maths.  A small number of the funded children also require help with their feelings, and we provide nurture support as well as counselling within the school.  We have identified that the Pupil Premium group of children attend less well than the children as a whole, and a few struggle with punctuality. We employ an Education Social Worker half a day per week to support this area of improvement.

How we will spend our Pupil Premium
Please click on the link to the any document below.  This document shows how we will spend our allocation to address the barriers these children face to achieving better progress, and also the reasons why we have chosen to use the funding in this way.

Please click the link to access our pupil premium document for the financial years 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-2018.  

Next review of Pupil Premium strategy
We will review our strategy at the yearly meeting of the Pupils, Community and Parish Committee.

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