At Horwich Parish CE School we follow Floppy’s Phonics, a systematic synthetic phonics teaching programme for early reading and writing.  We use the interactive phonics lessons and activities to teach children the sounds in words and the code (letters) used to represent them. Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 will take part in a daily phonics lesson. Each lesson begins by rapidly revisiting previously taught sounds and codes before being taught the next new sound. The children practice reading and writing the sounds/codes that they know, using Floppy's phonics worksheets and reading books. The skill of blending is taught for reading and segmenting for spelling. More information can be found about these skills in the downloads area below.

All children in the early stages of reading will be only be sent home with books containing sounds/codes that they have covered in class, so that they can confidently apply what they have been taught. (They will also bring home a library book that they are not expoected to read themselves. This is to listen to or to share at home to promote comprehension, vocabulary and most importantly A LOVE OF BOOKS.)

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