Headteachers Welcome

A warm welcome to Horwich Parish CE Primary School

Dear Parents/Carers,

A warm welcome to you and your child.

At Horwich Parish we want children to feel safe, happy and motivated to learn. We have high expectations of all pupils in terms of their behaviour and work. 

Our exciting and vibrant curriculum stimulates life-long learning, enabling children to grow into proud and resilient young people. We believe that our school provides a stimulating environment for effective and enjoyable learning to take place. Outdoor learning is a special feature of our school. We have our own allotment and chickens! We have three elected pupil councils: The School Council, Eco-Council and Safety Council.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school where all the staff are dedicated to assist in your child`s development to the best of their ability.

We believe that when a strong partnership exists between home and school, a child is able to succeed in gaining a good education. We want you, and indeed need you, to be continually involved with us in your child`s learning. We encourage open and honest discussions about achievements, successes, problems, difficulties and many other areas of your child`s development.

We have four elected pupil councils; the School Council, Eco Warriors, Sports Ambassadors and Safety Council.  Some of their work is reflceted here and in our activities in school.  We also have two pupil leadership teams, a junior and senior leadership team, voted for by everyone at Horwich Parish during our Democracy Day in September.  The teams regularly meet with the senior leadership team to plan ways to further improve life at Horwich Parish!

As a Church of England school our Christian character is built on the key values of love, respect and forgiveness. Our mission statement, “God with us, lighting the way to love and respect” reflects the caring and kind school environment that underpins everything we do at Horwich Parish.

I trust you will always feel welcome, and that our doors are always open to you and your family. Together school and families can do great things to benefit your child and other children in school.

I hope you will find this prospectus a useful introduction to our welcoming school. Where your child`s educational journey is fulfilling and one where you as parents can feel you belong. I believe that you will be able to see your child`s talents flourish and their potential realised as you entrust them into our care.

You are most welcome to visit our school to meet all the people who make Horwich Parish a very special place.

I hope to meet you soon and look forward to working together with you and your children.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Debbie Mills

Head Teacher


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