Student Well-being

For people all over the UK, this lockdown is going to bring about many, many different challenges and opportunities. Parents of young children find themselves with the gift of extra time with their children, however, at the same time, having no time for themselves to recharge. To top it off, there is some expectation of the additional role of teacher and/or continuing to work. This time is tough. I'm finding the most draining expect for me is the sameness of each day and missing extended family that we would usually see often.

Here we hope to provide tips and guidance about keeping our minds healthy at this time.


- Beyond managing emotions poster.


- Every Monday morning at 10, Doctor Louise Mansell provides a range of games designed to manage emotions:

- expressing yourself activities

- Watch this Space! We have recently signed up to a Be a Champion app which allows children to work through a series of activities designed to keep their minds and their bodies healthy! Just bare with us as we set up passwords etc. 

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