At Horwich Parish CE School we follow the National Curriculum to teach mathematics.

Medium term planning is based on the White Rose Maths Scheme. Sometimes year groups may deviate from the planning grids to accommodate: extra learning time for reinforcement of a concept, target work and assessments.

If your child is absent from school and feels able to complete work,
here is the link to White Rose home learning:

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Maths Fluency

If children are not fluent in mathematical facts, then when they are solving more complex problems the working memory is taken up by calculating basic facts, and children have less working memory to focus on solving the actual problem so fluency in basic facts allows children to tackle more complex maths more effectively.

Fluency is one of the 3 aims of the national curriculum, and SATs for 2016 and beyond heavily test children’s fluency.

In KS1 children are given a number bonds card to help them to learn addition facts and once they have been mastered they will be given a multiplication tables card,  followed by a number facts card. The children take part in a daily fluency session using the rekenreks. As a school we subscribe to Numbots and every child has a login to use this resource.

It is expected that all children will know their multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 and wil take part in a statutory test in Year 4. As a school we subscribe to Times Table Rockstars and every child has a login to use this resource.

Here are some other online resources to help with multiplication tables:

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