Summer 1 - Bright Lights, Big City

This term our topic is Bright Lights, Big City some of our subjects will be taught in a cross curricular manner linking to the topic, whilst others will be taught as a stand-alone subject.

Our English is linked to our topic. This term we are learning how to write a recount. We will also be continuing to learning how to read and write the Year 1 common exception words and learning how to read and write words containing including the suffixes –s, –es, –ing, –ed, –er and –est. At home you could support your child by practising read and writing the common exception words and first 100 high frequency words (see files attached).

This term in Maths we are learning how about multiplication and division, solving problems using 2s, 5s and 10s. We will be learning about arrays, sharing groups into equal parts. We will also be learning about frations finding wholes, halves and quarters of shapes. 

This term History and Geography we will be taught through our topic Bright Lights, Big City We will be learning about the compostion of the United Kingdom and it's 4 countries. We be learning to identify the countries on a map and identify each countries captial city. Our History will link to our geographic learning, we will be learning about The Great Fire of London and the significant individual Samuel Pepys. Our Design Technology focus of structures will be linked, investigating how different building are constructed, then using our knowledge to create our own structures.

In Science we will be learning about Plants. We will be exploring the structures of plants and the condidtions they need to grow. We will also be learning about different types of flowers and trees. Then identifying them through type (deciduous and evergreen) and leaf pattern.

In RE will be following a unit of learning called Why is baptism special? We will be learning about Jesus' baptism and christians are baptised.

In PE we will be learning how to play tennis, this will be taught by coaches from Tom Luke Tennis. We will also be learning some traditional sports day games ready for our sports day.

In PSHCE this term our theme is 'Feelings and Emotions'. We will be learning the physical effects different emotions have on our body physically and mentally. We will also be learning a range of skills for coping with our different emotions.

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