Headteacher Blog - Friday 7th February 2020

Date: 21st Feb 2020 @ 12:37pm

Friday 7th February 2020

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Earlier this week I met with some of our year 6 children to discuss how we could make our playgrounds safer at lunchtimes with less accidents.  The children came up with lots of ideas which I will share with parents very soon. The school council have been discussing what kind of new markings we would like on our playgrounds as we are hoping to get a company in very soon to repaint the markings.  The children have suggested a netball court, football markings, mile a day footprints, snakes and ladders, phonic snakes, 100 squares and the list goes on!

Our Year 1 children enjoyed a baptism talk in church with Rev Stephen yesterday as part of their RE work.

We have a busy week next week with year 1 dressing up as aliens on Wednesday, some of the worship group joining other children at Bolton Parish Church, children competing in a swimming gala and year 4 travelling to Chester as part of their topic work.

One of the highlights for the children is our Horwich Parish has got talent competition next Thursday evening at 6pm in Church.   The children have auditioned to take part and we have a panel of judges ready and waiting.   As you can imagine the chidlren are very excited!   More information below.

Thank you for the kind donations of lego received.   Please do keep it coming in, if you have any lego you no longer want please drop off at the school office.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Mills

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