Headteacher Blog - Friday 10th January 2020

Date: 21st Feb 2020 @ 12:34pm

Friday 10th January 2020

Head teacher message


I hope you all had a restful Christmas and New year.

The children have excitedly returned back to school this week, eager to get back to their friends and school life. It was lovely to welcome them back!

Our School Council have been discussing with their classes what new playground markings they would like designing and painting to provide additional games for break times. I will let you know what they decide on! Next they have asked if school can consider having four school houses rather than three and whether they can rename them (currently we have Raleigh, Nelson & Drake houses) Suggestions so far have been Harry Potter characters, authors, bible characters and places in our community!

Our school Safety Council have also been meeting to vote on the winning privacy logo designed by the children to attach to every piece of IT in school as a reminder to the children when using IT to keep themselves and others safe.

New class topic overviews have now been uploaded onto your child`s class page on our school website so parents can see read about what the children will be learning about! Please do take a look; horwichparish.net

Our Eco group have been working hard each week. The money donated to them will help with the move of the container to the allotment later in the term once the ground is dry.


It has been lovely to welcome four new governors to our school Governing body; Mrs O Brien, Mrs Bennet, Mrs Fisk and Miss Fairclough. They are currently being inducted into their new role.

We are looking forward to coming to school in our pyjamas next week and enjoying our big breakfast. We will ensure photographs are uploaded onto our school website for you to see!

Finally, I believe the cold weather could be on its way. If this should cause disruption at any time to the school opening or closing outside its normal hours we will endeavour to keep parents fully informed with as much notice as possible. The most up to date information will be shared on the front page of our school website so please keep an eye on that. However we will also try to eamil and text parents therefore it is imperative that we have correct parent contact details. Please inform the office if your contact details have changed over the Christmas holidays. School will only close if it is absolutely necessary. The decision to close is always a difficult one but children`s and staff safety is the priority.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Mills

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