Self Isolation Home Learning.

If you are off due to covid but feeling well enough to complete work here are some activities for you to do!


In Maths we are learning to mulitply and divide.   Please learn your 2,5, and 10 times tables using your mulipication cards to support.

Play darts! Throw a dart and either double the number or halve the number. What is double 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10? Ect.  www.whiterosemaths

In Art we are learning about sculptures. Oak Academy year 2, Art, Sculptures. lessons 1,2 and 3. watch the lesson then complete the tasks. www.oaknationalacademy

In Geography we are learning about the Oceans. Can you name them? Locate them? Facts about them. Watch Oak Academy year 2 Oceans lesson 1 and 2. www.oaknaionalacademy

In English we have been designing a new island for Penguin Small to visit. What can you hear,taste,smell,see? Write a list  using adjectives and commas to describe. Draw your island and label. Finally write an adventure story using your story map. Like we did when we read The Tunnel.


Weekly spellings and reading books in bag.  

Curriculum learning logs will be in bags so loads of ideas for homelearning.


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