Home Learning Overview

Home Learning Support- Spring term 2021


Each day, children can access the teaching video to support the daily maths lesson by clicking on the link below. The worksheet title will identify which video you need to watch. Scroll down to the spring term links.


Worksheets will be emailed every Friday by the school office. You will be sent all the maths worksheet questions and answers for the following week. The email will be written as shown with the correct week it relates to: WB: 18th January White Rose Maths. This will allow you to easily search for in your emails if required.

 If you have any problems email: [email protected]


The weekly timetable in the folder above labelled WB:….. for each week will provide relevant links and any activities for each day.


 The children will be able to access the activity on the weekly timetable in the folder for the appropriate week. On some weeks, if required, an email will be sent to your year group to access a power-point via the school office.

Foundation subjects

All activities will be placed on the weekly timetable with links if required and any worksheets will be placed in the folder with the time table for the relevant week.

Feedback and marking your child’s work

Please upload your work to [email protected]  This may be in the form of : a photograph, work document or pdf. The teacher will respond to each child when work is submitted.

Daily zoom: we will zoom the children daily at 9am. A link will be sent via school spider the day before with the code.

Other useful links used on a weekly basis

My Maths: https://login.mymaths.co.uk/login

TT Rockstars: https://ttrockstars.com/

Purple Mash: https://www.purplemash.com/sch/horwichparish

Spelling Shed: https://www.edshed.com/en-gb/login

Reading Plus: https://student.readingplus.com/seereader/api/sec/login

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