Stars of the Week

Congratulations to our stars of the week so far! Each week, we choose a child working from home and a child working in school to celebrate for their hard work/achievements during the week. 

22.01.21 - Belle - for super story writing.

22.01.21 - Frankie - for a fantastic attitude to learning. 

29.01.21 - Finn - for great work in maths learning long multiplication.

29.01.21 - Gracie/Liam - for perseverance and determination in maths.

05.02.21 - Frankie - for producing high quality work across all subjects consistently. 

05.02.21 - Mbali - for always having a positive attitude and working hard on maths this week.

12.02.21 - Nathan B - for writing a fantastic fact file and always prodiucing high quality work.

12.02.21 - Scarlett - having an amazing attitude in everything she does!

26.02.21 - Logan - superb participation in class meetings and great quality work. 

26.02.21 - Ethan - having a great attitude to learning and asking questions.

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