Play Today!

What could you play today?


Phonics: Helping your child learn sounds is a lovely, rewarding experience. But how do you go about it? PLAY is the best way! Here are a few ideas to use for your child to get to grips with all those sounds:

  • Create a circle, can you bring me an item that begins with…?
  • Choose a selection of items where some begin with your chosen sound – which items begin with the sound…?
  • Hide the grapheme of the sound around the house. Can you find the letter that makes the sound…?

Most importantly, have fun!


Spelling Games: Sick of the weekly spelling list? Want to add more fun to the practise sessions? Then why not use these games to PLAY this week and hopefully embed those spellings that little bit more:

  • Choose 3 or 4 spellings a day, write them onto card/paper and hide them around the house. Watch as your child tries to find them! When found read the word, discuss it’s meaning and spell it aloud without looking.
  • Draw the word. Can your child match the word to the correct picture?
  • Use wooden or magnetic letters to make up each of the words. You could even hide a letter. What would the missing letter be?

Cheap wooden letters can be bought on amazon or found in stores like the range. 

*Why not spray the letters with chalk paint and practise tracing the letters of each word? No chalk paint – just practise tracing the letters with fingers.


Playing with words: Here are a few ideas to brighten up your weekly spelling practise! PLAY is a great way to deepen your child’s knowledge and brain power!

  • Boggle! If you do not own the game it is easily recreated using simple objects at home. Think pebbles, conkers, wood off-cuts, ball pool balls or simply paper and pen. To store the objects think egg-boxes, chocolate boxes, baking bun trays or just a table! Write a letter on each object, shake the objects up – how many words can you find? More points for longer words, bonus points for a word from your spelling list.
  • Play scrabble. Make it a family challenge and keep score over the week. Again vary the rules, extra points for any spelling word used. A fun rule variation is using a fake or obscure word to trick your opponents. Your opponent could challenge the word and therefore check if it is a word using the dictionary. If correct that it is not a word, they score the points, if wrong and it is a word, you score an extra 10 points.

Play mastermind. Choose a 4-letter word and keep it in your head. Your opponents should try to guess your word by suggesting other 4 letter words. To indicate their degree of success, provide the following symbols:

  • If the letter is correct and in the correct position X
  • If the letter is correct but in the wrong position O

How long before the word is guessed?

Have fun playing!

Mrs Swimby

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