Anti Bullying Week 2019

Horwich Parish anti bullying poem

Do not hurt others,
Please do not leave people out.
Do not use unkind words,
And do not make others feel so sad. (Yr 1)
A bully is someone who hurts your heart,
They may make you feel like you are falling apart.
But it may also be the bully who is feeling worried.
Perhaps they could also be being bullied. (Yr2)
You make me feel - Why me? What have I done


You make me feel lost like a small pin in a mountain

of hay,

You make me feel angry like an erupting volcano.
You make me feel disconnected like life without the

Internet. (Yr5)

Don’t physically bully,
Because you can injure someone badly.
Don’t verbally bully,

Because you can break someone’s heart sadly.
Send nice comments to someone, don’t be mean.
You can always be friends and become a great team.


At times we may feel like we are alone,
And it feels like we can no longer cope.
But always know a problem shared,
Can be solved by someone who cares. (Yr3)

We are unique,
We are incredible.
Can’t you see?
Together let’s be friends.
You be you and I’ll be me (yr6)

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