Reception 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Reception class!


Our current topic is "People who help us" If anyone would like to come and to talk to the children about their job, then we would love to hear from you!

We have swapped PE days so that Adam class will be having their PE day on Friday morning and Eve class on Monday morning. 

As you know, the children receive two new reading books a week to practice at home. One is key- word based, one is phonics based, so the children are getting the chance to practice recognising common tricky words as well as gaining confidence in their own abilities to sound out words phonetically (segmenting and blending)

We have overheard lots of conversations about playing snakes and ladders over the holidays! What a fabulous way to practice recognising numbers, counting on from a number and recognising dice patterns (possibly even adding 2 dice throws together!) as well as having fun and learning how to take turns and be a gracious winner/loser!

Files to Download

Reception: News items

PLAY Today!, by Mrs Swimby

Play Today! , by Mrs Swimby

Amazing Acts of Kindness, by Mr Anderton

Reception: Gallery items

Carr's Pasties, by Mrs Charlton

PEOPLE WHO HELP US, by Mrs Charlton

Reception: Calendar items

Open Afternoon, by Mr Anderton

Parents Evening, by Mr Anderton

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