Governing Body

12 members:
Mrs D Mills
Mr J Shawcross
Rev S Fletcher
Mrs S Baines
Mrs N Gillard
Mrs G Marlton
Mrs J Brock
Mrs N Gill-Smith
Mrs L Clancy
Mrs N Ormrod
Mrs K Hope
Miss Seager

Breakdown of roles:
Foundation governors appointed by the Parochial Church Council (PCC)
Foundation parent governors appointed by the PCC
Diocesan governor appointed by the Diocese of Manchester
Local Authority governor appointed by Bolton Council
The Headteacher
Staff governor elected by staff members
Parent governors elected by parents and carers


Resources committee Admissions Committee School improvement committee Pupils, community and parish committee

1. To set financial priorities

2. To approve and monitor the school budget

3. To ensure the school obtains best value for money

4. To consider policies relating to management of staff, including the school pay and performance management policies.

5. To determine the staffing structure

6. To monitor and evaluate the staff development programme.


1.To approve the application for admission to school.


1. To ensure the school delivers the National Curriculum

2. To monitor the quality of teaching and learning, though the headteacher

3. To support the head in making improvements to leadership and management and achieve the priorities of the school development plan


1. To monitor and evaluate policies relating to pupil health, safety and welfare (including safeguarding and child protection), behaviour and discipline.

2. Through the Head Teacher, to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of SEN provision.

3 To monitor and evaluate policies relating to social inclusion (including Looked After Children) and special needs inclusion.

Chair: Chair: Chair: Chair:
Other members:  


Other members:

Other members: Other members:
Other committees of the governing body which meet as required

Performance Management Committee (annually)

Pay Committee (annually)

Curriculum complaints committee

General complaints committee

Pupil discipline committee